COVID-19 Update No. 2
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image of covid-19 update for bankruptcy

The Bankruptcy Center has been filing bankruptcies for over 28 years, and we know that, during this critical time, financial troubles can be taking a toll on your health, relationships and well­being.  Right now is an ideal time to file for the following reasons:

#1 You can file 100% remotely!  People who file during the pandemic do not need to appear in person for any appointments.  And in certain cases, not even the hearing!

#2 Debt collectors WANT your Stimulus money.  We have information showing that collection efforts are being amped up during this pandemic. Outside of bankruptcy, there are no laws protecting you from wage garnishments and bank levies.  Filing bankruptcy is essential to keeping your money protected!  Your creditors do not care if you lost your job due to the virus OR if you are working long hours as an essential employee- they will take your money.  The Bankruptcy Center cares about your hard-earned money and we will work hard to keep it protected.

To protect the safety of both our clients and our staff, we have put procedures in place that allow us to conduct all interviews and to file your case 100% remotely.  In other words, you can file for bankruptcy without having to leave the comfort and safety of your own home.

Some experts predict that this pandemic may cause another recession. Although we hope this is not the case, there may soon be a surge of people that need to file bankruptcy.  If this is something you have been considering, call now and let one of our friendly staff members guide you through the process.  Or you can complete the web form to request an appointment.  We are here to help you.  Please give us a call and you can move forward in a personalized bankruptcy.  You can also make a payment by phone.

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